Beyoncé - 4
We swear this isn't an ironic listening. We love Beyoncé and 4. OK, we might unironically skip straight to track 5, 'Party', produced by Kanye West and with rap by Andre3000, because we ain't no stay-home-mums that need all those ballads about being broken hearted and finding the right person. But, after that, the album turns into a beautiful compilation of classic r'n'b, soul and a bit of sweat-inducing booty tracks - not too many though - that sound surprisingly courageous considering the actual state of pop music. And for that, we bow down and hail Queen B. P.S. Get the deluxe version, for those extra couple of amazing tracks.
The name of this label has been interpreted in many ways; from 'bass-seekey' to 'base-ike', but the correct way describes exactly what this label is about: BASIC. Bassike delivers easily breezily cut staples with an interesting little twist that keeps them from being your run of the mill. For those that live in climates like that of Australia (where Bassike hails from) or Brazil, you'll know how easy it is to make fashion faux pas when the weather gets hot and the prospect of wearing anything but a bathing suit becomes slightly unappealing; Bassike is all and everything you need.
Game of Thrones
Before watching HBO's Game of Thrones, I assumed the series would tend a bit more towards the blood-dripping Danish movie Valhalla Rising rather than fairy-tale stories a lá 'Lord of the Rings'; and for that I didn't really like the series at the beginning. But slowly, I found myself submitting to tales of bad kings, midget juggernauts, savage warriors and... dragons. And that happened probably because there aren't exactly good guys and bad guys here, like there are in Tolkien stories - and that is, of course, a simplification of his work. Another reason I relented to this series is because of the intriguing political backstage element that leads to the ever-happening dance of thrones. Oh, and did I mention the gratuitous nekkid-ness?
The Norfolk // Sydney, Australia
Of the slew of new spots having opened up in Sydney in the last six months, The Norfolk on Cleveland St in Surry Hills has been one fated with success. Owned by some of the same kids that have brought The Flinders back to life (and currently, it's incredibly quick onset of 'The Norms'), you'll undoubtedly find The Norfolk rammed with all kinds, vying for a bite, a beer and a spot in the garden out back. The aim of the game is to cultivate Aussie pub culture at it's best; and it's doing a pretty decent job so far - if only you could get a table!
Super Sad True Love Story
Super Sad True Love Story is the third book from the writer of the best selling Absurdistan, Gary Shteyngart. Incidentally, I read him name dropped in Flavorpill's Ultimate Hipster Reading list and in the same sentence as James Franco (they're buds, apaprently) just before I finished his latest offering. Don't let any of that put you off, or take away any of the sad scary brilliance of Super Sad True Love Story; written from the perspective of one 39 year old Lenny Abramov, son of Russian immigrants and in love with the impossibly cute and cruel Eunice Park. A satire that cuts to the bone, Super Sad True Love Story is exactly it's title. And it's good.
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Fanny And Jessy // Tee Shop!
screen shot 2011-05-30 at 10.06.29 pm
HIYA // Jessy and Fanny (in Time Out, London)


One of my favourite young design duos from London, Fanny and Jessy (formerly known as FAJ) have opened up their Tee Shop for one and all! Responsible for the infamous 'I Hope You Die Soon' tees in collaboration with the ever talented Danny Sangra, the trio's powers combined have come up with a number of other slogan tees that are recognisably FAJ-flavoured (though none (in my opinion) as iconic as 'I Hope You Die Soon)!


Shot by Rory DCS, the lookbook perfectly conveys the mood for the tshirts, which also perfectly conveys Fanny and Jessy's London louche style in casual, simple and effortless terms. Regular tees are £35 and customised is £45, choose from cropped, sleeveless or raw neck - so here you go, SUCK IT, YOU FUCKS, now y'all can go get one or all of these.


Check the full range HERE and the lookbook in the gallery below the pics:


screen shot 2011-05-30 at 9.45.45 pmscreen shot 2011-05-30 at 9.45.17 pmscreen shot 2011-05-30 at 9.45.55 pm



AW 2011 // Fanny and Jessy



Fanny and Jessy surprise me with every new collection. Their 4th of which is entitled 'The Dissection' and is a more mature and pared down side of the duo. The girls state their initial influence as the Hunterian Museum in the London College of Surgery; quite macabre images that have translated into the realms of more slick, feminine elements that still walk strong with that totally bad ass FAJ aesthetic.


It's really refreshing to see that they've grown on from the tough, all black, leathers, sheers and mesh vibe, despite doing it so very very well. On the average person on the streets of East London and LES New York, it's a look for me that was getting a little bit stale and tired. It's awesome to see that attitude with a different skin on.








Skills they learned whilst hanging out at Jess' farm in Somerset dissecting chickens were applied to create the seams which are an ongoing theme throughout the collection. It was the examination of internal environment of animals that gave them their colour palette and textures.








This is a deceptively simple collection compared to their past efforts, but I'm loving this direction just as much. It has a quietly sinister mood that gives out a delighted cackle every now and then in the jingle of the brass coins littered throughout the pieces, and gives a cheeky wink in the cut out of the burnt orange Robin Hood balaclava, in typical FAJ style.






And of course, the marvellous Danny Sangra made a little behind the scenes film of the lookbook shoot, check it out, and then take a look at some more looks in the gallery below that. Fresh work from FAJ, well done girls!


Fanny and Jessy AW11 behind the scenes


P.S. Our current favourite K-Pop duo GD & T.O.P. are totally working FAJ in their video clip for 'High High'...Need I say more?



Morgan O'Donovan's Facebook Project



Everyone loves a bit of photobooth. Everyone loves a bit of Facebook. London based photographer Morgan O'Donovan took both of those things to the next level with his Facebook Project. Entitled the Facebook Project because it's an exploration of "the ideals people portray in a Facebook profile picture", according to Dazed and Confused.


HIYA Jamie E17


Taken over 12 nights in 2009, Morgan took the portraits with the unforgiving light of a medical photography ring flash to mugshot the various personalities that populate East London's nightlife in varying states of fabulous, disarray and sobriety (not everyone has kept their tagged status in the various albums that Morgan has on Facebook). Besides a fascinating and rather objective glance at London's nightlife, it's an interesting look at faces and how human people are underneath the make-up, poses and booze after all.


HIYA Jessy of FAJ


Last night the Facebook Project exhibit launched in London at Dalston Superstore with every single one of the 500 or so people he photographed on display.


HIYA Gui (model)


You can play spot the stylist/artist/designer/creature who goes bump in the night with the myriad of faces on show.


HIYA Flick (Divine Incest)


I remember the night Morgan grabbed me to take my portrait; it was at Caligula at the Bathhouse at something like 3am. I was looking pretty scrappy; bearing a scar across my forehead from where some boy had made me bleed on some random night out the week before,  with my top knot all wonky and sporting a bleary, rather drunky town expression.




So if you're in East London, you should go check it out. You're probably in it. Also, have a read of Morgan's interview with Dazed. It puts it all into perspective.

VANILOQUENCE // FAJ + Danny Sangra
This is not a test //


Two of our favourites, the magnificent Danny Sangra and fabulous Fanny and Jessy of FAJ have once again joined forces to make a film of the fashionable (and awesome) variety. Directed by Danny, with music from Rowdy Superst*r and threads from FAJ's latest collection entitled Vaniloquence, the film of the same title is a wickedly er, wicked and disturbing stalk through the canals of Clapton (London).




Simultaneously freaky and envy inducing, Danny and his team have created yet another super ssick, slick and achingly hip short film that not only werks another set of Danny's seemingly endless mad skillz but also gives FAJ the perfect setting to show off Vaniloquence (the collection which Lady Gaga was spotted rocking pieces from).



Go check the film HERE ! I love everything about it - it's seriously, dizzingly cool - just like Danny, Fanny and Jessy themselves.



FAJ AW '10 // Vaniloquence

f+j invite


Fanny and Jessy's sophomore collection was unleashed during London Fashion Week at's Pop Up Shop on Beak St in Central London to much merriment.




This time round, the girls have named the collection Vaniloquence; which means vain, foolish talk yo. Far from foolish, the girls have continued their androgynous, tough and street savvy aesthetic, with this collection seeing a much bigger range of fabrication than previously seen. There is also a touch of softness in their sparse spidery knits and the very 90s rose print that makes an appearance.




It's always so good to see new young talent follow up on their debuts; continuing to grow and develop their ideas. Last collection 'I Hope You Die Soon' was repped on Girls Aloud, Groove Armada and Ri-Ri-Rihanna herself - who'll it be this season?




Totally epitomising Hackney Hardcore / East End Kids' style, Fanny and Jessy are representing the best of the many faces of the every day denizens of London's creative heart; not without some self awareness either, in their fool talkin' street stalkin' vaniloquent collection. Rrawrr.



Artist // Danny Sangra
Danny Sangra


The scope of Danny Sangra's mad skillz is seriously enviable. Truly of the multi-media, multi-talented breed, Danny Sangra's work spans everything from film, illustration, collage to knitwear and all in between. Further more, he's not just a dabbler, or even a jack of all trades; London based Danny in fact excels at all the mediums he manipulates and embodies the ultimate in a modern, multifaceted young artist.


From videos for Metronomy to designing prints for Louis Vuitton Homme and tees for Uniqlo in Japan as well as others he's not even allowed to mention yet, he is also responsible for the infamous I Hope You Die Soon print which the most excellent Fanny and Jessy (FAJ) turned into a tee. Danny has also worked with another talent; IM//UR alumni Gabriella Marina Gonzalez, who along with FAJ, has Danny directed short films about. And in a sweet bit of cross-creative-pollination, Danny has also used the super hot Fanny and Jessy to model his latest project, clothing label AMS (or A Minute's Silence) with Lynnda Needles (I'll be posting their lookbook this week...wait for it, their stuff is GENIUS).


Stills from the shoot for the AMS lookbook

So. Danny works with a huge variety of people. And in a huge variety of creative mediums. And he does it supremely well. All evident in the crazy wicked background he's done for us this month. "I know you have the 'I Hope You Die Soon' t-shirt, so I kept the type as my own hand drawn type. The image is a collage image of my illustration work. I make images with multiple meanings and idea. One image doesn't necessarily mean it's one idea." (Images in this post are collated).




How and when did you know you were going to be an illustrator?

I never thought of being an illustrator...I mean, I don't consider that as what I am now. It's one thing I do and can do fairly easy but it's not the only thing I do. I grew up just wanting to make things. Be it drawn, photographed, filmed or glued together. I still pretty much work in the same way I did when I was 8 years old. I just start something and see what happens with it. However, I am slightly smarter than when I was 8. Only slightly though.


Danny Sangra for Louis Vuitton


What have been are your biggest influences?

Growing up I had artistic influences like most people, but when I left college I was lucky to meet people that had been in the industry for many years and had a profound way of looking at it. Namely Camilla Lowther (CLM UK) and Johnny Chatters (owner of Double Identity); these were people who had faith in me at a young age and guided my approach into what I should be trying to achieve.


Film stills


Who (else) would you love to work for or collaborate with?


It's weird as I have have pretty much worked with almost everyone I have wanted to work with, however the one person/label I have always wanted to work with is Vivienne Westwood. It can seem like an obvious choice for most people, I know. I would usually give a stupid answer to that question.




What did you dream about last night?


Apples, gun fights and a Fox.




Favourite medium?




rabbit hutch web2

I Hope You Die Soon
The fierce-some two-some FAJ have dropped some sweet sweet love into my box (HA), with the namesake tee from their debut collection entitled 'I Hope You Die Soon'!!


For all your sulky, sullen and misanthropist-ic needs as interpreted by the uber talented Danny Sangra with whom Fanny and Jessy have collaborated with on other FAJ driven projects. Right now though, they're kitting out Saint Saviour who's currently singing with Groove Armada, who co-wrote some tracks on GA's latest album, Black Light. Saint Saviour is going on tour next January and you can expect her to be fully FAJjed up!


FAJ tee
Yeah, what the t-shirt says, innit


The tee above is fairly limited edition right now, so get in quick; they've got new ones coming up real soon which are just as hot shit, as well as their next collection, so stay tuned to their website for when shit gets dropped.


Otherwise, hit them up at INFO@FANNYANDJESSY.CO.UK to get yours...


In the meantime, check Saint Saviour mincing it up in a Pam Hogg catsuit on the Groove Armada single released mid November, 'I Won't Kneel'.



I Wont Kneel - Groove Armada feat Saint Saviour


OH AND P.S. FAJ are now stocked at DIGITARIA and NO-ONE yowchhhhh! XXX



So, who do you think parties harder - Sao Paulo or London?


By now you'll know that we're blowing up Sao Paulo, Brazil, with The Golden Filter at world famous Clash Club on the 5th of August - but we couldn't leave out London this time.

So the ever fabulous BISTROTHEQUE is playing host to IM//A\\PARTY this Friday!


WHEN: Friday 31st JULY 2009
TIME: 8pm-Midnight






The deadly wicked O CHILDREN


The delectable and darkly danceable MODERNAIRE


and WE//R\\DJs


plus SPECIAL uber fashionable GUESTS: FAJ







it's going to be the POO so take a big WHIFF.



[ Let's all run to Drunky Town]


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