Interview // The RAPTURE
Interview // The RAPTURE
Interview // BEST COAST (#2)
Interview // BEST COAST (#2)
Gratuitous Burger Post
Gratuitous Burger Post
Diplo Gets His Vogue On
Diplo Gets His Vogue On
Beyoncé - 4
We swear this isn't an ironic listening. We love Beyoncé and 4. OK, we might unironically skip straight to track 5, 'Party', produced by Kanye West and with rap by Andre3000, because we ain't no stay-home-mums that need all those ballads about being broken hearted and finding the right person. But, after that, the album turns into a beautiful compilation of classic r'n'b, soul and a bit of sweat-inducing booty tracks - not too many though - that sound surprisingly courageous considering the actual state of pop music. And for that, we bow down and hail Queen B. P.S. Get the deluxe version, for those extra couple of amazing tracks.
The name of this label has been interpreted in many ways; from 'bass-seekey' to 'base-ike', but the correct way describes exactly what this label is about: BASIC. Bassike delivers easily breezily cut staples with an interesting little twist that keeps them from being your run of the mill. For those that live in climates like that of Australia (where Bassike hails from) or Brazil, you'll know how easy it is to make fashion faux pas when the weather gets hot and the prospect of wearing anything but a bathing suit becomes slightly unappealing; Bassike is all and everything you need.
Game of Thrones
Before watching HBO's Game of Thrones, I assumed the series would tend a bit more towards the blood-dripping Danish movie Valhalla Rising rather than fairy-tale stories a lá 'Lord of the Rings'; and for that I didn't really like the series at the beginning. But slowly, I found myself submitting to tales of bad kings, midget juggernauts, savage warriors and... dragons. And that happened probably because there aren't exactly good guys and bad guys here, like there are in Tolkien stories - and that is, of course, a simplification of his work. Another reason I relented to this series is because of the intriguing political backstage element that leads to the ever-happening dance of thrones. Oh, and did I mention the gratuitous nekkid-ness?
The Norfolk // Sydney, Australia
Of the slew of new spots having opened up in Sydney in the last six months, The Norfolk on Cleveland St in Surry Hills has been one fated with success. Owned by some of the same kids that have brought The Flinders back to life (and currently, it's incredibly quick onset of 'The Norms'), you'll undoubtedly find The Norfolk rammed with all kinds, vying for a bite, a beer and a spot in the garden out back. The aim of the game is to cultivate Aussie pub culture at it's best; and it's doing a pretty decent job so far - if only you could get a table!
Super Sad True Love Story
Super Sad True Love Story is the third book from the writer of the best selling Absurdistan, Gary Shteyngart. Incidentally, I read him name dropped in Flavorpill's Ultimate Hipster Reading list and in the same sentence as James Franco (they're buds, apaprently) just before I finished his latest offering. Don't let any of that put you off, or take away any of the sad scary brilliance of Super Sad True Love Story; written from the perspective of one 39 year old Lenny Abramov, son of Russian immigrants and in love with the impossibly cute and cruel Eunice Park. A satire that cuts to the bone, Super Sad True Love Story is exactly it's title. And it's good.
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Hercules and Love Affair are covering The xx and painting their eyes

hercules and love affair


It's probably been a year or more that the world stopped needing new The xx remixes, but Andy Butler is not a guy who follows these kinds of rules - just ask anyone at DFA. So for the b-side of the newest single, Hercules and Love Affair is covering ‘Shelter’.


And it’s alright...Though you’ll probably like it better if you dig Blue Songs' housier side.


Kim Ann Foxman takes the place of Romy Madley Croft on the vocals, the synthesizer for ‘My House’ replaces the warm and melodic piano from the original and house beats and synthetic handclaps (with a slightly increase in the BPM) makes the song much more dance floor friendly. Not bad, but it kinda kills the sparkle of the original. This cover also feels like more of a homage to a band/song they liked instead of a  - well deserved but no longer necessary at this time - rebirth.


  Hercules and Love Affair - Shelter (The xx Cover) 


What is really good and totally necessary, is Aerea Negrot and ‘Painted Eyes’, the new Hercules single. One of the few songs on the album with a disco sound, this is an elegant set opening. Dramatic both in the voice of Aerea and in the lyrics (with “May your renegade heart never fade” being my favorite part of the song), the song is just beautiful; graceful violins, pulsating bass and radiant piano.


  Hercules and Love Affair - Painted Eyes


I know it’s really unfair to say so, especially with Aerea dominating this, but I can’t help but imagine how this would sound with Antony Hegarty. Probably much more dramatic and intense. Anyway, ‘Painted Eyes’ is great as it is. And you should get it when Moshi Moshi releases it on 18th of April. 

IM//A\\PARTY Vol.02 - Summer mix

    Brilliant artwork by Raul Luna. Check the profile we did on him a while ago!


It’s been too long since we did our last mix! We heard some of your critiques from last time round. We've allowed the songs to play almost their whole cycle; which means there are less tracks, but since we've only selected winners, that ain't no thang. The number of remixes also went down, as opposed to the 'features' on the mix; maybe it says something about music (it probably doesn’t). Anyway, we do hope you enjoy our IM//A\\PARTY  Vol.02 – Summer Mix...we have plans to make it something more of a regular up in here.


For those who've actually had the pleasure to be up at one of our parties, the future holds good news. Meanwhile, check out our personal Twitter feeds @caffarena and @christel_escosa to keep up to date with our DJ sets and random - no, REALLY random - tweets about life, the universe, our daily sins and everything else.


By the way, as I live in Brazil and Christel is currently in Australia, we decided to make this a summer mix. If you are reading this as snow is falling outside maybe you should listen to this in a couple of months.


Kidding, please listen to it now.


Flash Content
- [mp3]



  1. Gorillaz – Doncamatic feat. Daley
  2. Flight Facilities – Crave You feat. Giselle
  3. Rye Rye – Sunshine feat. M.I.A.
  4. Tanlines – Real Life
  5. Bag Raiders – Sunlight feat. Dan Black
  6. Maximum Balloon – Groove me feat. Theophilus London
  7. The Temper Trap - Resurrection (Penguin Prison Remix)
  8. Yeasayer - O.N.E.
  9. Man Like Me - Lovestruck
  10. The Count & Sinden - After Dark. feat. Mystery Jets
  11. Azari & III - Into the Night
  12. Mark Ronson & The Business INTL – Bang Bang (U-Tern remix)
  13. Chemical Brothers – Swoon (Lindstrom and Prins Thomas Remix)
  14. N.E.R.D. – Hypnotize U (Boss in Drama remix)
  15. Aeroplane - Superstar (The Krays Remix)
  16. Discodeine – Synchronize feat. Jarvis Cocker
  17. Hercules and Love Affair – My House (Leo Zero remix)
  18. Bebe Zahara Benet - I'm the Sh*t (Mark Picchiotti Funkadelic Dub)
  19. Big Boi – Shutterbugg
  20. CREEP - Days feat. Romy Madley Croft (Deadboy Remix)
Tensnake, Derrick Carter and House
hercules and love affair
Awesome fan cover


OK, I promise not to post any other remix of Hercules and Love Affair’s ‘My House’ after this one, but one just can’t ignore Tensnake. This eight minute long remix puts the HOUSE (CAPSLOCK NECESSARY) in ‘My House’, making it sound even more classic than ever before, if that was possible. While my favorite part of the song - the undecipherable vocal bits - is replaced by Tensnake's own cut of the vocals, the new synths totally won me over. 


  Hercules and love Affair - My House (Tensnake Remix) 


And since we're talking about house, we simply can't ignore one of house's first big names: Derrick Carter. Not especially the type of music I like, but I'll put it out here and let someone else to love and make good use of it. How generous of me!


Herculles and Love Affair - My House (Derrick Carter Remix)


Blue Songs is out via Moshi Moshi.

Wolfram's Fireworks ft Hercules & Love Affair
HIYA // Wolfram


I do really enjoy a tripping beat. When you add a 90s dance, Michael Mind kind of 'Show Me Love' synth to a softly staticky, tripping beat, it's nowhere near offensive, but also not close to impressive in itself. All of a sudden, if some mad skillz knows when to drop in the right synth line, those three simple elements combined can make the kind of perfect sense that gets me high, making me want to listen to that intro over and over. And that's even before the first verse...


Furthermore, add to that some light electronic drums, a tinny cowbell, awesome harmonised synths and an excellent chorus sung in a perfectly breathy female vocal - including a gently exclaimed 'fire!' which I die for - and you have Wolfram's excellent 'Fireworks'. Did I mention that the track features Hercules and Love Affair? YES, it's pretty damn amazing.


by Wolf -
- ram


Taking elements in an homage to italo, european house and dance music to coolly reconstruct in 'Fireworks', Wolfram comes up with this awesomely subtle and seriously fun track. This is the shit!! So don't say we didn't tell you: WOLFRAM’s self titled debut featuring Hercules & Love Affair, Sally Shapiro, Haddaway, Holy Ghost!, Paul Parker, Patrick Pulsinger, Legowelt and more will come out on Permanent Vacation in Europe on March 3rd and will be self-released in USA on April 19th. Get that shit any way you can - I'm going to.


In the meantime, have a listen to it below in this "VIDEO INSPIRED BY YOUTUBE FANVIDEOS 'N MY BUDGET!"


Fireworks by Wolfram feat Hercules and Love Affair


Jessica 6 is killing it

jessica 6


After splitting ways with Hercules and Love Affair, our favorite transsexual in contemporary music, Nomi Ruiz, created a new project with other ex-members of the band. Initially it was called Deep Red because of the brilliant Dario Argento movie, but they were obligated to change to Jessica 6.


Never mind the changes, the band delivered a first single with hit written all over it. ‘Fun Girl’ is a disco song in the same line of ‘You Belong’ and ‘Blind’, only more sexy and more 90s. The song was so good, it made me chase Nomi Ruiz for an interview, which happened two years ago for Rraurl (a really good music website from Brazil).


Flash Content
- [mp3]


But that was all Jessica 6 released… until now! ‘White Horse’ is the first single from the band’s debut, See The Light, which is going to be out on May via Peacefrog. And let me tell you, it’s ridonkulous! A melancholic disco number with an incredible feeling to it. Very danceable and vocal, and, more important: better than any dance song on Hercules and Love Affair latest album.


Flash Content
- [mp3]


I’m extra anxious to see what the band will come up on their debut album, so maybe it’s time to chase Nomi once again for that interview. I’m sure she has a lot to say. 

MIXes // Hercules and Love Affair & Kim Ann Foxman
andy butler
Andy looks so much like Fassbinder's Querelle in here


So you streamed Hercules and Love Affair's second album here and now you wonder which songs are responsible for finding Andy Butler in so deep with house music, right? Wonder no more, as Andy has just made a mix for FACT with some of his favorite house songs.


Besides the classics, you can find his own take on the genre in his own productions, like Hercules and Love Affair’ latest single ‘My House’ and Kim Ann Foxman’s ‘Creature’. While I thought Blue Songs sounded much more multi-dimensional than this mix belies, this is definitely much more fun – for all you divas and Madge fans out there, there's even an acid house remix of Madonna’s ‘Into the Groove’ for you.


  FACT mix 218 - Hercules & Love Affair (Jan '11) by factmag



Jax – No.1
MK – Give It To Me (Dub Mix)
? – Shake Your Booty
Serge Santiago – It’s A War
? – Shake Your Booty
Kim Ann Foxman – Creature
React To Rhythm – Whatever You Dream
Praxis feat. Kathy Brown – Turn Me Out
Orlando Voorn – Paradise 3001
Raven – Forever Together
Humanoid – Cry Baby
Hercules & Love Affair - My House

Madonna – Into the Groove (Andy Butlers acid mix)


kim ann
Kim Ann Foxman


Speaking of Kim Ann Foxman, girl also did a mix, but for Mixmag. Coincidentally, it also features the songs ‘Creature’ (in a Faze Action remix) and ‘My House’ besides lots of other house classics, which might explain why she (along with Andy) is the only member of the band that “survived” the second album: they are not only really connected, but also fans of each other's work.



                   Don’T Stay In Mix Of The Week Volume 070 - Kim Ann Foxman (House)




Hercules & Love Affair - My House
Andrew Butler, Jason Kendig - Give It To Me
Mock & Toof – Farewell To Wendel (Kink & Neville Watson remix)
LFO - Leeds Warehouse Mix
Marco Passarani  - Good Split I Like It (original mix)
Maurice Joshua (with Hot Hula Hands) - I Got A Big Dick (instrumental)
Omar S - Solely Supported (original mix)
MK - Somebody New (MI Mix)
Aerea Negrot  - Sing (All I Wanna Do)
Kim Ann Foxman, Andy Butler - Creature (Faze Action remix)
Rodion - Tape Oxide
Sterling Void & Paris Brightledge - It’s Alright

Hercules and Love Affair // Blue Songs



From all the interviews I've read with Andy Butler, I expected Hercules and Love Affair's second album, Blue Songs, to be something much more soulless. Not that he didn’t speak passionately about this record, but I thought it would simply be an album that would deny new tracks the fun and energy that was introduced via songs like ‘Blind’ and ‘You Belong’ (as melancholic as they were) in order to set them free musically.


Fortunately, I was wrong. The Guardian is streaming the entire release and it sounds wonderful. I’m still digging the italo-disco flavored tracks better than the house ones, but that is, like I said, a personal opinion that actually evolves the genres themselves than the actual tracks.


Having said that, the track that impressed me the most is from neither of those genres. The beautiful ‘Boy Blue’ is a suave mix of acoustic guitar and synth that is built in a completely different way than anything the band has done before. Using the velvety voice of Shaun Wright to create a sad but hopeful atmosphere until it reaches the ‘blue song’ moment.


  Boy Blue


For those not familiar with the reason Andy chose that as the title of the album, he explained in a Guardian podcast that “the titular theme refers to the "blue period" of his adolescence, before music made him realise there were other people just like him out there”.


The other track I’d like to note is the one that features Kele Okerele (Bloc Party), which I dished after hearing it live. ‘Step Up’, the instrumental, is quite simple and can be compared with hundreds of other house tracks. Actually, most of the album can be traced back to something produced between the late 80’s and early 90’s, which frankly, is fine by me.


My problem with it is the same with Kele’s solo album: it's one dimensional. You can give him a rock, a discopunk, a house or electro instrumental and Kele will come up with the same sad, breathy voice. And as much as I liked it the first time – yes, I’m fan of Bloc Party's debut – it gets really tiring after almost ten years of the same thing.


  Step Up


But don't let that put you off. The album features mostly Aerea Negrot and Kim Ann Foxman, plus the ones I name dropped before. Stream it all below and make sure you go buy it.


  Hercules & Love Affair - Blue Songs by moshi moshi music

My House remixed

hercules and love affair



‘My House’ is a song that grew on me. At first I didn’t pay much attention to it, but now our future mixtape has two different versions of the song. One of them we've already posted here, the Leo Zero's excellent unofficial remix (still the best one), and the second, Hercules and Love Affair's own remix, is what this post is about.


Stopmakingme is Daniel Avery, a Londoner DJ with a Fabric residency who has remixed the likes of We Have Band, Kisses and Marina and the Diamonds in the past, and also released his debut EP at the end of November via Kill Them All Records.


What I liked about his remix is that it highlights what is in my opinion, the best part of the song: the playful vocals. Honestly, the way he builds up the loop at the beginning, slowly adding drums and cold house synths to turn it into an awesome track. Plus it features cowbells, which in our opinion, are always a good idea (it even cures fever, right?).


Flash Content
- [mp3]


Hercules and Love Affair's self remix isn’t that great. Maybe because we like disco better than house, but it's stills interesting to see how Andy Butler wanted the track to sound if he didn’t have to care about making it more of a hit. 


  My House (Hercules & Love Affair Remix)


The new album, Blue Songs, will be out on 31 of January via Moshi Moshi.

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