Beyoncé - 4
We swear this isn't an ironic listening. We love Beyoncé and 4. OK, we might unironically skip straight to track 5, 'Party', produced by Kanye West and with rap by Andre3000, because we ain't no stay-home-mums that need all those ballads about being broken hearted and finding the right person. But, after that, the album turns into a beautiful compilation of classic r'n'b, soul and a bit of sweat-inducing booty tracks - not too many though - that sound surprisingly courageous considering the actual state of pop music. And for that, we bow down and hail Queen B. P.S. Get the deluxe version, for those extra couple of amazing tracks.
The name of this label has been interpreted in many ways; from 'bass-seekey' to 'base-ike', but the correct way describes exactly what this label is about: BASIC. Bassike delivers easily breezily cut staples with an interesting little twist that keeps them from being your run of the mill. For those that live in climates like that of Australia (where Bassike hails from) or Brazil, you'll know how easy it is to make fashion faux pas when the weather gets hot and the prospect of wearing anything but a bathing suit becomes slightly unappealing; Bassike is all and everything you need.
Game of Thrones
Before watching HBO's Game of Thrones, I assumed the series would tend a bit more towards the blood-dripping Danish movie Valhalla Rising rather than fairy-tale stories a lá 'Lord of the Rings'; and for that I didn't really like the series at the beginning. But slowly, I found myself submitting to tales of bad kings, midget juggernauts, savage warriors and... dragons. And that happened probably because there aren't exactly good guys and bad guys here, like there are in Tolkien stories - and that is, of course, a simplification of his work. Another reason I relented to this series is because of the intriguing political backstage element that leads to the ever-happening dance of thrones. Oh, and did I mention the gratuitous nekkid-ness?
The Norfolk // Sydney, Australia
Of the slew of new spots having opened up in Sydney in the last six months, The Norfolk on Cleveland St in Surry Hills has been one fated with success. Owned by some of the same kids that have brought The Flinders back to life (and currently, it's incredibly quick onset of 'The Norms'), you'll undoubtedly find The Norfolk rammed with all kinds, vying for a bite, a beer and a spot in the garden out back. The aim of the game is to cultivate Aussie pub culture at it's best; and it's doing a pretty decent job so far - if only you could get a table!
Super Sad True Love Story
Super Sad True Love Story is the third book from the writer of the best selling Absurdistan, Gary Shteyngart. Incidentally, I read him name dropped in Flavorpill's Ultimate Hipster Reading list and in the same sentence as James Franco (they're buds, apaprently) just before I finished his latest offering. Don't let any of that put you off, or take away any of the sad scary brilliance of Super Sad True Love Story; written from the perspective of one 39 year old Lenny Abramov, son of Russian immigrants and in love with the impossibly cute and cruel Eunice Park. A satire that cuts to the bone, Super Sad True Love Story is exactly it's title. And it's good.
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MIXTAPE // Penguin Prison



It's another belated V-day mix for you all, this time from Penguin Prison. This one is quite interesting as it's pretty bang classic Penguin Prison funky town song choice, and then it gets a little bit deeper towards the end than I've heard him go before. Nice. Track list below, cop the mix after that. Anyway, how could you resist a face like the one Chris Glover is serving above?


Billy Idol - Eyes Without A Face (Ben Pistor Edit)
Chic - Flashback (Golf Channel Edit)
Holy Ghost! - Do It Again
Phil Collins - I'm Not Moving (Idjut Boys Edit)
New Edition - Lifetime Groove (Marcos Cabral & Shux Edit)
Chaz Jankel - You're My Occupation (2007 Take)
Atlantic Starr - Sexy Dancer (Penguin Prison Edit)
Sharon Brown - I Specialize In Love
Change - A Lover's Holiday (12" Version)
Social Disco Club - Wild Bitch
Eddie Johns - More Spell On You (Social Disco Club Edit)


  Penguin Prison Valentines Day 2011 Mix by Penguin Prison



Frankmusik, Penguin Prison and the Fear Inside of Me

Before I start this post I’ve got to tell you this ain’t about the artist, it’s about the remixes. Actually it’s about the remixERS and how I will never listen to anything that one of them will ever produce ever again (I will try to keep this post drama free).




We’ve written recently how we really thought that Frankmusik was an interesting character in music and how we though he had lots of potential that never managed to shine outside his EP ‘Three Little Words’. The combo of being a bit unstable with a love for nudity and a pop heart does sound really promising - as Kanye proves - but in this case, it was either corrupted by some evil outside problem, or the problem is inside of us. Maybe we were blinded by the hype surrounding a brilliant first single.


But the fact is, that I can’t remember hearing something as horrendous as this Frankmusik remix for Natalia Kills and I’m not even talking about the out of sync clap that will hunt you through out the whole remix. I’m talking about something so cheesy and so offensive that it makes Stereo Love sound like Sigur Rós. A horrible europop song (overuse of auto-tune and echo included) gone hard rave.


Flash Content
- [mp3]


And remember when I said this post wasn’t about how bad Natalia Kills actually is? Because Penguin Prison got the same job (yes, this is job, I don’t think anybody involved actually wanted to be part of this remix package) and managed to not make himself look bad. In fact, if the vocals from the original didn’t have so many awful effects, it might actually be a good, chilled pop remix.


Flash Content
- [mp3]


As an adios, I will offer you Frankmusik's latest single which can be heard in the video below. It totally proves our point.


Frankmusik - The Fear Inside



May you take good care of your cutesy bottom.

More Man-Pop from Penguin Prison


                                                                              photograph by Abbey Braden


To be perfectly honest, when these dropped into my mailbox from Penguin Prison, I was highly sceptical upon reading what kind of tracks they were.

Firstly it was the Sam Sparro and Golden Touch remix of 'Golden Train' - combined with Penguin Prison, I was afraid that it might just be too much golden goodness for one track.


Then reading that the next track was 'Golden Train' mashed up with Michael Jackson's 'Day and Night' I was even more concerned. Sure the remixes made theoretical and sonic sense, and despite my previous comparisons with a man-pop greats, I was afraid that they were perhaps being over-reachingly ambitious. I also think that my opinion after seeing Penguin Prison live in New York coloured my concern.


It took me a couple of days to listen to the tracks, and when I finally did, my worries proved unfounded. The two tracks are pretty fabulous and do everyone involved, perfect pop justice. Onward Penguin Prison, onward! Shame on me for doubting you (and Sam Sparro/Golden Touch/Michael Jackson).


Check them out below:


Flash Content
- [mp3]


Flash Content
- [mp3]

GIG // Penguin Prison & Ellie Goulding at Hiro Ballroom, NYC
Hiya Penguin Prison

all photographs and video by yours truly


Last week saw NY's own Penguin Prison and the UK's Ellie Goulding take to the stage at New York's Hiro Ballroom. It was a sold out show and it seemed most people had turned out to see Ellie Goulding do her first show in the Big Apple.


In support was Penguin Prison, who was up first. I really hate to say it, but I was a little disappointed with Chris Glover as Penguin Prison live, particularly put next to Ellie Goulding. Perhaps because I have such high hopes for him, but the gig kinda showed me that there really is a difference in 'learned' talent and a natural, inborn one; onstage at least.


Penguin Prison felt a little detached from the audience - maybe because it was mainly an Ellie crowd - which in far more developed cases of popstardom there has to be; but his every move lacked spontaneity. Chris Glover was just a little too conscious. Maybe it's because he plays as a 'live' band when perhaps he might be better suited to a full on pop outfit? Maybe he was just having an off night...I mean, this doesn't make his music or ambitions any less great, but unfortunately for me, his stage presence/performace didn't match up to them that evening.






Ellie Goulding on the other hand really owned the stage and turned out a connected and warm performance. And she managed to work a genuine diva hand AND a guitar at the same time, look:




Check the video below of her Temper Trap cover of 'Sweet Disposition' and the full gallery of pics below that.


Sweet Disposition by Ellie Goulding (live, NY)




Mixtape // Penguin Prison

penguinprison(2)photograph by Bjorn Iooss


For some obscure reason, Penguin Prison at this very moment, finds himself playing a couple of dates in South America. We're not quite sure why at this point he's doing that, but are happy that he gets to go to those Great Southern Lands. Except he's not going to Brazil. Yet (we'll get back to you on that one at some point, ok y'alls).


Anyway, we're revelling in Penguin's Princey, George Michael and Michael Jackson channelling goodness. But whilst you all are waiting for it to drop, here's a mixtape that Penguin did earlier this month.


Here's a direct download link to it // PENGUIN PRISON MIXTAPE


Flash Content [mp3]

Penguin Prison - Mixtape



Tracklist after the huuuuump >>

The latest from camp Penguin Prison

peng_prisonphoto by Bjorn Iooss


Right! Let's get back into the swing of things with a couple of new bits and bobs from Camp Penguin Prison. Like we knew he would, Chris Glover has been well busy remixing and playing all over the shop - in fact, his album is ready and it's due pretty soon from what we can gather. I'm placing my future hope for 'boy pop' upon this New Yorker. Actually, wait a minute, I'm gonna re-name that to Man Pop, because that's what Penguin Prison has come up with so far: infectious, pop songs with gravity and balls, reminiscent of the golden guys of Man Pop - MJ, Prince, and since George Michael went to jail again recently, there really IS pressure for PP to deliver.


There's plenty to bite into whilst we're waiting for the album though. Let's begin with his Kylie remix. Penguin Prison adds some sour to the sweet of Kylie's 'Get Outta My Way' to come up with the perfect combo, just like our favourite Chinese restaurants sweet and sour chicken (yes CHICKEN! Not traditionally the meat for things sweet and sour, but it works. Just like this remix). Less sugary and more gutsy, this remix makes Kylie sound like she means "GET OUTTA MY WAY" much more than the original.


Flash Content
- [mp3]


Then we have Penguin taking on Miami Horror's latest guest vocalist, Kimbra, remixing her new single, 'Settle Down'. This single is a departure from The Golden Filter-esque vocals on the Miami track; and sees Kimbra doing a soulful, quivering Bjork-like vibrato. Haven't heard the original, but Penguin does another awesome track (I might even prefer it minus vocal, as a pure instrumental, in fact). Check it:


Flash Content
- [mp3]

If you are going to listen to Jamiroquai...



If there is a band that I never felt any attraction to in my whole life it might well be Jamiroquai. I don’t like the name, the look, the sound and even that video that everybody thought it was so cool in the 90’s. Recently they were confirmed in Brazil to play alongside Air in a new music festival (Natural About Us, in case you were wondering) and all I could think of was: WHY?


I guess I just found the answer. The band is releasing a new single - which will eventually lead to a new album – and it’s like a funky disco track for the radio that will play in supermarkets, taxis and every place wherein you can’t control the music. Yes, that bland – although not that offensive.


Apparently, Jamiroquai wants to join the cool kids and ordered remixes from Penguin Prison and Monarchy. While Penguin Prison (you can read an interview we did with him here) makes ‘White Knuckle Ride’ sound more sophisticated and dancefloor-orientated, Monarchy controls (for once) their wish to become huge electronic stars and edits the track into something more pleasant, although they’ve still left some major cheesy moments.


Flash Content
- [mp3]

Flash Content
- [mp3]


I’m not saying that Jamiroquai has redeemed himself with those remixes, but if you find yourself with the original stuck in your head, there are better ways for you to enjoy it!

Penguin Prison's Little Secrets

passion pit

Just when you thought that nothing more could be wrung from Passion Pit's 'Little Secrets', here comes a remix from our latest favourite up and coming male pop star, Penguin Prison.


Taking a softer, more echoey approach, Penguin Prison spins something altogether more pillowy (pillowy. Are you getting me with that one?) and airier than the original. Kinda arm waving, y'know? The piano line becomes the foundation and the vocals mellowed out. Penguin Prison (aka Chris Glover) does a sweet job turning 'Little Secrets' into a funky lullaby. We're waiting with bated breath to hear his debut album.


Flash Content
- [mp3]

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