Beyoncé - 4
We swear this isn't an ironic listening. We love Beyoncé and 4. OK, we might unironically skip straight to track 5, 'Party', produced by Kanye West and with rap by Andre3000, because we ain't no stay-home-mums that need all those ballads about being broken hearted and finding the right person. But, after that, the album turns into a beautiful compilation of classic r'n'b, soul and a bit of sweat-inducing booty tracks - not too many though - that sound surprisingly courageous considering the actual state of pop music. And for that, we bow down and hail Queen B. P.S. Get the deluxe version, for those extra couple of amazing tracks.
The name of this label has been interpreted in many ways; from 'bass-seekey' to 'base-ike', but the correct way describes exactly what this label is about: BASIC. Bassike delivers easily breezily cut staples with an interesting little twist that keeps them from being your run of the mill. For those that live in climates like that of Australia (where Bassike hails from) or Brazil, you'll know how easy it is to make fashion faux pas when the weather gets hot and the prospect of wearing anything but a bathing suit becomes slightly unappealing; Bassike is all and everything you need.
Game of Thrones
Before watching HBO's Game of Thrones, I assumed the series would tend a bit more towards the blood-dripping Danish movie Valhalla Rising rather than fairy-tale stories a lá 'Lord of the Rings'; and for that I didn't really like the series at the beginning. But slowly, I found myself submitting to tales of bad kings, midget juggernauts, savage warriors and... dragons. And that happened probably because there aren't exactly good guys and bad guys here, like there are in Tolkien stories - and that is, of course, a simplification of his work. Another reason I relented to this series is because of the intriguing political backstage element that leads to the ever-happening dance of thrones. Oh, and did I mention the gratuitous nekkid-ness?
The Norfolk // Sydney, Australia
Of the slew of new spots having opened up in Sydney in the last six months, The Norfolk on Cleveland St in Surry Hills has been one fated with success. Owned by some of the same kids that have brought The Flinders back to life (and currently, it's incredibly quick onset of 'The Norms'), you'll undoubtedly find The Norfolk rammed with all kinds, vying for a bite, a beer and a spot in the garden out back. The aim of the game is to cultivate Aussie pub culture at it's best; and it's doing a pretty decent job so far - if only you could get a table!
Super Sad True Love Story
Super Sad True Love Story is the third book from the writer of the best selling Absurdistan, Gary Shteyngart. Incidentally, I read him name dropped in Flavorpill's Ultimate Hipster Reading list and in the same sentence as James Franco (they're buds, apaprently) just before I finished his latest offering. Don't let any of that put you off, or take away any of the sad scary brilliance of Super Sad True Love Story; written from the perspective of one 39 year old Lenny Abramov, son of Russian immigrants and in love with the impossibly cute and cruel Eunice Park. A satire that cuts to the bone, Super Sad True Love Story is exactly it's title. And it's good.
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MIX // Yelle's Bonjour Mix



An appropriate mix to get back to blog with, since I've just returned from Paris last week..!


HELLOYYYY/bonjour/olá/hej/yo! We really have missed you all. We've been working on a bunch of other stuff, so we've let the posts lag. OUR BAD.


Anyway, here we go, trying to get back into your good books by saying hello to this week with a mix from our favourite French fille, Yelle. Her right hand man, Grand Marnier collaborated with fellow Frenchman, Julien Tiné to deliver this 'Bonjour Mix'.


It's a mix to get your head focussed and geared up for the week, no easy little slide into Monday with this one. Some of the tracks are a little ravier than expected; a little more hard hitting and tough than the usual Yelle fare - but it bangs, and I dig. Check the tracklist below and grab the mix itself below that!


1. Yelle - Que Veux Yu (Logo remix)
2. Ost & Kjex- Dirty Mind
3. James Curd feat Devin Byrnes - Open Up Your Mind
4. Jaymo & Andy George - Pocket Song
5. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Housegold Goods (Justin Martin instrumental remix)
6. Drop the Lime - Hot As Hell (Canblaster remix)
7. Siriusmo - Signal
8. Congorock - Babylon (Riton remix)
9. Siriusmo - Programchild
10. Les Edits du Golem - Chico
11. Adele - Rolling in the Deep (Jamie XX Shuffle)


  YELLE DJS - BONJOUR MIX (by GrandMarnier & Julien Tiné) by YELLE

Join the Yelle Safari Club



There's a wicked kind of je ne sais quois about the French pop superhero Yelle that has me completely enamoured. I was crazy for the video for 'La Musique', and I'm equally delighted for the freshly unleashed video for title track from the eagerly awaited next album Safari Disco Club. Directed by Jeremie Saindon, this video is a double whammy, combining singles 'Safari Disco Club' and 'Que Veux-Tu', with Yelle skidding to a stop in one (a nice move) world, and literally diving into another.


screen shot 2011-03-04 at 3.36.24 am

screen shot 2011-03-04 at 3.39.00 amscreen shot 2011-03-04 at 3.40.04 am


Executed with what a high budget polish, that trademark humor and effervescent style, Yelle, Tepr and Grand Marnier sparkle in this mini film. I mean, the trio even have their own 'unleash the TCHIKI TAH' dude !! And one of America's Best Dance Crews, Fanny Pak, also get involved providing the party to Yelle's shoulder shimmying centrepiece (as she works a Robyn-esque new hairstyle). Ever entertaining, catchy and riveting to watch, Yelle never fails to deliver the good old fashioned FUN, wrapped up in a stylish, ever-so-French package. And we could ALWAYS use more of that in our lives.


Yelle, can I join your Safari Disco Club?


Safari Disco Club/Que veux-tu?



After revealing the tracklist to the album just the other day in tweets, Team Yelle are doing a mighty fine job of winding us up to hear it, set for release March 14th (21st in the UK and the 29th in the US).


1. Safari Disco Club
2. Que Veux-Tu
3. C'est Pas Une Vie 
4. Comme un Enfant
5. Chimie Physique

6. La Musique

7. Mon Pays

8. J'ai Bu

9. Le Grand Saut

10. Unillusion
11. S'éteint le Soleil
Safari Disco Yelle
HIYA // Yelle


The latest single from Yelle's long awaited second album has finally dropped. And I'm impressed. It's more mature than anything from her last album; even a little more serious. And so far she hasn't lost any of that spunk that we loved about her in the first place, but it's really nice to hear that Julie and her right and left hand men are pulling more tricks out of their bag.


'Safari Disco Club' is the lead track from the album of the same name - which, excrutiatingly, is due out at the end of March - is darker, dirtier and moodier than anything from her debut, Pop-Up, and I'm loving the direction she's going in.


'Safari Disco Club' is less the sassy school girl electro pop that Yelle became a favourite for; as her producers in crime GrandMarnier (Jean-Francois Perrier) and Tepr (Tanguy Destable) showcase a sexier, more sophisticated and experimental side than we've heard before. If this track is any indication of what is to come, I cannot WAIT until March to hear the rest. In the meantime:


Flash Content
- [mp3]

The 'La Musique' video makes it official: Yelle is God

screen shot 2010-10-07 at 10.53.42


Just when the M.I.A. camp think that they've got the gifs market cornered, the 'cool guys from We Are From LA' have executed this absolutely brilliant video for Yelle's latest single 'La Musique'.


EVERYone makes an appearance in this one, based in a world where Yelle makes the world turn; from Obama to Bieber to Barbie to Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro to Haiti and it's natural disaster and Katy Perry and her natural disasters. And of course, Yelle is somewhat featured - as the reigning deity of this crazy world. Ridonkulous and excellent. 


And if you haven't already, do check the original single and remix for 'La Musique'.


Check the video, as well as some of our favourite star spotting moments below.


La Musique by YELLE



So say hi to some peops who made cameos starting with Kanye & Michael Jordan:


screen shot 2010-10-07 at 11.02.43


Olá RIO!!!


screen shot 2010-10-07 at 11.02.55


Hiya Amy, looking good girl!


screen shot 2010-10-07 at 11.03.56


Word up Justin, watch out for them bears.


screen shot 2010-10-07 at 11.04.27


Yo Obams


screen shot 2010-10-07 at 11.04.58


And the sun rises in the Yelle.


screen shot 2010-10-07 at 11.09.24


With super special guest...


screen shot 2010-10-07 at 11.16.32

Finally: Yelle's La Musique



After the tease and the remix, Yelle’s new single has finally been outed. I have to admit that after three years without any new tracks I had greater hopes for ‘La Musique’ to be a phenomenal pop hit, but this Siriusmo produced track isn't especially breathtaking or charmingly pop as I would've wanted – although the vocal figures as one of the best efforts from Julie Budet.


Flash Content

I'll just have to wait to hear this track on the dancefloor to make up my mind though, because one thing is for sure: Yelle’s music is not supposed to be listened to on a Thursday morning with headphones on.


‘La Musique’ will be released on French label Kitsuné on October 4th with remixes by Discodéine, Lorenz Rhode, Tepr and Myd

La Musique Remix

kitsune yelle


After teasing us with a (mini-mini) minimix for her new single ‘La Musique’, Yelle is now releasing the first remix of it. German producer Lorenz Rhode takes the yet unknown track for a trip to the 80s using all the elements known in electronic music back then in a little more than 6 minutes. Or at least this is the impression that I got.


Part of it sounds like the Sonic the Hedgehog soundtrack in a hi-fi production, then there's the house element and at the end it has those amazing sounding early hip hop laser drums. It took me three listens to actually appreciate it, so if you have 18 minutes to spare this is for you. Now can we please have the original, Yelle?


Flash Content
- [mp3]

Have you heard? Yelle's back!



It's taken what feels like a billion blog years for Yelle to do it, but she's back with a new single, the Siriusmo produced 'La Musique' on October 4th being released via Kitsuné. We're anticipating what Yelle and her production partners in crime TEPR and Grand Marnier have come up with for her upcoming new album, and from what we hear, she's been finishing it all off on the West Coast of France.


Girl is going off on tour for a good chunk of the next three months, so catch her around. The remix package has the likes of Discodeine, Lorenz Rhode, Tepr and Myd involved. But until then, we've got a mini-mix (and we really mean MINI, like, MIDGET mini) for the release. Check it:


Flash Content
- [mp3]

Yelle vs Robyn (and vice versa)


Photography by Tony Solis 


Our girl Yelle is doing us proud again. iTunes has a new project called Foreign Exchange in which they invite two artists to cover each other's songs - for this edition, they chose the French trio Yelle and the Swedish singer Robyn. While Yelle covered 'Who's That Girl' which in their version became 'Qui Est Cette Fille', Robyn did 'A Cause Des Garcons' which became 'Because Of Boys'.


Although both originals are miles better than the covers, it's really cool to listen to their interpretations. Isn't it the time for Yelle and Robyn to kick the Lady Gagas and Kate Perrys off the planet? My ears would be eternally grateful! 


Flash Content
- [mp3]


Flash Content
- [mp3]


If you wanna get both versiong in high quality, you can buy them from here.

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